Sumitomo is a very old metal construction company, started in the 16th century. The machine development started only in 1963. In 1964 are together with Link-Belt the cranes delivered as Sumitomo-Link-Belt. The biggest crane made by Sumitomo is the CT15000 (later SC8000), a 750 tonne crawler crane.

Sumitomo LS-118RH-5

Sumitomo LS-238RH-5

Asiagroup (SG)


Sumitomo SC 500


Sumitomo SC 650-3

Sumitomo SC 800

Sumitomo SC 900-3

Sumitomo SC 1000

Achterdijk (NL)

Sumitomo SC 1500

Tat Hong (SG)

Zwagerman International (NL)

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