Sumitomo SC900-3 - Zwagerman VMT

Zwagerman VMT from Nederhorst den Berg (NL) is operating a large fleet of crawler cranes where this sharp Sumitomo SC900-3 is part of. It is a 90-tonne crawler crane with year of manufacture 2003.

The crane is powered by a Mitsubishi 6D24-T, a 11.9-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 184 kW (250 hp). The quite heavy engine is required to drive the heavy hydraulic pumps that are required for grab or magnet operation.

The undercarriage is 4.99 meters wide and 6.29 meters long. For the transport over the road is the breadth of the undercarriage afjustable to 3.5 meters.

The tracks are 6.29 meters long, 0.81 meters wide and 1.14 meters high.

To unload the tracks for the adjustment in width are the small jack-up cylinders on the undercarriage used.

The A-frame is folded down for the transport over the road.

The crane is fitted with 22-tonne hoist winches.

The crane is here fitted with 28.8 tonnes of counterweight, that exists out of two 9.5-tonnes slabs and a 9.8-tonne slab. The counterweight has a 4.39 meter tailswing.

Here was the crane erected with a 51.8 meter long main boom, in this configuration is the crane able to lift 22 tonnes on a 10.9 meter radius and can lift 1.6 tonnes on a 44 meter radius. The 51.8-meter long main boom can be extended by a fixed jib with a maximum length of 18.3 meters.

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