Sumitomo SC1000 - Achterdijk

Achterdijk Kranenverhuur from Leimuiden (NL) is owning this nice Sumitomo SC1000, the succesor of the LS-238RH-5. Officially this is a 100 tonne crane, but was by Achterdijk upgraded to 120 tonne crane.

A detail of the cabin, it is fitted with safety glass. The crane is controlled with handles.

The heigest point of the gantry is 7.5 meters measured above ground. During transport over the road the gantry is folded down.

A crawler track is 7.8 meters long, 0.97 meters wide and 1.26 meters high. The undercarriage itself is 6.07 meters wide.

Behind the crane is officialy hanging 34.2 tonnes of counterweight, with a 5.5 meter tailswing. The four slabs on top are added by Achterdijk and not included by the before mentioned 34.2 tonnes.

Fitted with a 31.7 meter main boom and a 38.1 meter luffing jib.

A detail of the luffing jib construction. When the luffing jib is shorter than the main boom is it possible to assemble the luffing jib, reversed, under the main boom.

Achterdijk is also owning two Hitachi CX1000. The biggest crane is a Kobelco 7250.

The crane is powered by a Mitsubishi 6D22CT engine with 250 hp. A very beautiful crane is the Achterdijk colors!

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