Sumitomo LS-238RH-5

This sharp Sumitomo LS-238RH-5 belongs to an unknown company from Singapore (SG). It is a 100-tonne crawler crane.

The 7-part counterweight weights in total 34.2 tonnes and has a 5.5 meter tailswing. The crane is fitted with two 10-tonne hoist winches.

The crane was fitted here with a 30.5 meter main boom. In this configuration is the crane able to hoist maximum 55.4 tonnes on a 7 meter radius or 9.7 tonnes to a 28 meter radius.

The main boom has an 18.3 meter base length and can be extended to a maximum lenght of 73.15 meters.

The undercarriage is 7.79 meters long and 6.065 meters wide. A single track is 7.79 meters long, 0.965 meters wide and 1.255 meters tall. The crane is powered by a Mitsubishi 6D22CT, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with 250 hp.

Here was the crane used on a construction site for smaller lifting duties.

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