Dear visitor, welcome to this website. Here you will find a lot of photos and information of cranes, foundation rigs and trucks. Not just the machines themselves, but also the jobs will be discussed extensively. Take your time, because there is a lot to see! For visitors with questions, comments and tips, is there a opportunity to get in touch with me, see contact details below.

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This website was founded in 2004 to show interested and business people the photos I have taken out of interest, in different countries. With the photos I submit comments related to the action visible on the photo or technical information about the machine itself. This website is brand- and company neutral, and is maintained all by myself. Meanwhile are here over 19,500 photos online.

All photographs shown on this website are made by myself. Photographs may not be published without my permission in magazines, books, other kinds of lectures or else on the World Wide Web. If a publication of photos or some information on this website isn't appreciated, can this be removed from the website after a written request with valid reason. Guest photos will not be published.

I am not a crane trader or supplier of crane parts and/or manuals.