Sumitomo SC1500 - Zwagerman International

After a long period of work by Steenkorrel, Zwagerman International bought this special Sumitomo SC1500 cable crane. The crane was used here to unload windmill tower sections from a ship and load them on lowloaders.

It is a 150 tonne crane with a loadmoment of 1000 tm. The max. boom length is 70.15 meters and is extendable with a 30 meter fixed jib.

Attachted to the tracks is a big quantity of counterweigth slobs, the SC1500 of Stemat had them attachted to the body.

The counterweigth is 55.8 tonnes. The several 'paintings' remember to the era the crane was working in Amsterdam South-East (which is the "ghetto" of Amsterdam).

Together with the Hitachi KH850-3 and the Kobelco 7150 were these the only Japanse cranes working in the Netherlands. After that Liebherr became more succesfull with the LR 1160.

Between the (un)load work in, the crane was prepared for a paint job. With thanks to the crane operator and his warming coffee!

Some months later I saw the crane parked on the Heerema-yard in Flushing (NL).

After the paintjob the crane was again as new, in original Sumitomo colors, but not in the corect Sumitomo-style. Fitted with a 48.8 meter boom.

55.8 tonnes of counterweight, as new again.

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