Menck & Hambrock was a German manufacturer of steam- and diesel excavators. It was founded in 1868 by Johannes Menck and Diedrich Hambrock and was mainly pointed at the construction of steam machines and kettles. In 1901 was the first shovel excavator introduced, already before the first world war was Menck one of the leading manufacturers of excavators. After the second world war was the demand for construction machinery very big, so the company growth. From 1948 was started with the well-known M-series. In 1966 Menck was overtaken by Koehring and the company got bankrupt in 1978. The various developments were sold to other companies like Liebherr. Menck still exists today as a manufacturer of (offshore) piling hammers and is ginving work for about 130 workers.

Menck M 90


Menck M 152


Menck M 154


Menck M 260

Menck M 750


Menck Mc Skoda

Luff Abbruch & Recycling (DE)

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