Menck M 90

I could photograph this inactive Menck M90 at a gravel pit near the German city Mindelheim (DE). In the past, this crane was active by the company Unglehrt from Memmingen (DE).

The Menck M 90 was built between 1955 and 1970. In total 670 cranes have left the factory.

The crane is powered by a 115 hp strong diesel engine.

The Menck M 90 was available with a lattice jib, backhoe and shovel. The excavators were also operated by ropes.

The mass of the base maschine, without jib, but with counterweight is 26.6 tonnes.

Nice detail of Menck, the tagline that is used by the use of a grab isn't stored on a drum, but reefed many times and is connected with a weight to keep enough tension on the line.

The jibhead can be moved sideways of the jib for easy and quick transport.

This crane has a long life behind his back, at it's last jib he was used as a dragline. The bucket of his crane had a maximum size of 1.25 cubic meters.

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