Menck M 750

This Menck M 750 without names stood near Mindelheim (DE) on a gravel pit, unfortunately without bucket.

The Menck M 750 was introduced in 1972. Between 1973 and 1978 were only 12 units built, some of them are today still in use.

In 1978 Menck stopped the production of heavy duty cranes because of the strong competition. Liebherr took over a part of Mencks developments, this crane can be seen as the predecessor of the popular Liebherr HS series. This Menck is mantled in Liebherr colors and stickers, but is 100% Menck!

It was the first hydraulic heavy duty crane with a mass over 30 tonnes. Two smaller units (M 350 and M 550) ware planned, but never built.

The Menck has a 240 hp engine, with them are three hydraulic pumps driven.

The Menck M 750 was designed for the use as heavy duty crane (grab, bucket) or for the use as a base machine for a pilling rig.

The tracks are fitted with 700 mm plates.

As lifting crane is it a 75 tonne crane.

The tracks are hydraulically adjustable for the transport over the road.

If was also possible to put a hammer head with more sheaves on the boom for the use as lifting crane or with a grab. On this boom head section is the name Menck partly readable.

A very nice machine!

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