Menck M 260 - Schleith GmbH

An old inactive Menck M 260 of the Schleith GmbH company from Waldshut (DE).

The Menck M 260 was the succesor of the M 251 and was built between 1966 and 1973. Totally 33 pieces of the M 260 were sold.

The crane weights about 90 tonnes and was deliverably with a lattice jib or an excavator boom.

Powered is he by a 12 cylinder Deutz engine with 230 hp. The tracks are mechanical driven.

As lifting crane are Mencks not often used, mostly as a dragline with bucket of with a grab. The max. bucket size was 3.5 kubic meters or a 2.2 kubic meter grab.

The full counterweight weights 14 tonnes and is making a 3.8 meter tailswing.

A detail of the big rope pulley in the boom foot, wherewith the pull cable from the drum is leaded to the bucket.

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