Menck Mc Skoda - Luff Abbruch & Recycling

Luff Abbruch & Recycling from Dasing (DE) is deploying for their demolition jobs still multiple Menck heavy duty cranes with a wrecking ball or grab. This special Menck Mc Skoda was used by the demolition of a flat in Memmingen (DE).

The Menck Mc was between 1935 and 1945 produced in total 231 times and could be used as a crane, excavator or piling rig.

The year of manufacture of this unit is 1941.

So this machine was produced during the Second Worldwar. During these days was Menck building in Hamburg (DE) mainly weapons and construction machinery for the German army. The production of construction machines was also partialy subcontracted to Skoda from Pilsen (CZ), this crane was produced there.

The crawlers are 0.83 meters wide and the crane has a mass of approx. 55 tonnes.

The crane is powered by a Skoda 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of approx. 104 kW (143 hp).

As a dragline could the crane work with a bucket with a 1.6 cubic meter volume.

The boom is made out of angle bar steel profiles.

A legendary crane brand, that went bankrupt in 1978. Because Luff is maintaining their machinery very well, is it possible to use the machine even 80 years after it left the manufacturing plant!

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