Menck M 154

This Menck M 154 was standing next to the Menck M 90 near a gravel pit in Mindelheim (DE). This machine was also out of order.

The Menck M 154 was introduced in 1961 as the succesor woth the M 152 and was built up to 1978. In total 312 units were deliverd. A Menck M 154 LC (with a longer undercarriage) was the last product leaving the Menck company in Ellerlau (DE).

In this heavy duty crane is laying a 167 hp diesel engine. On customer's wish the crane was also available with an electro motor.

The length of the tracks is only 4.35 meters, the track plates are only 0.68 meters wide. The height of the crane is 4 meters.

The mass of the crane is about 46.2 tonnes.

The lattice boom is also replacable by a backhoe.

The cable to adjust the main boom is reefed over two pullies attached to the main boom head.

Fitted with a Hendrix bucket. The max. volume of the bucket is 2.1 cubic meters.

A very sharp machine!

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