Gottwald was a manufacturer of cranes. The original company, that was manufacturing cranes, was founded as Maschinenindustrie Ernst Halbach. In 1928 the banker Leo Gottwald became the owner of the company and changed the name in 1936 into Leo Gottwald KG. The company was based in Düsseldorf (DE). In 1988 the company was losing its independence as it was sold to Demag and lateron to Siemens (2000). In 2002 Demag bought it back, and was aiming on the current Gottwald Port Technology. The telescopic cranes were in those days sold to Krupp, today Grove (Manitowoc Group) in Wilhelmshaven (DE). The most famous product made by Gottwald is the AMK 1000/103, the first telescopic crane with a max. capacity of 1,000 tonnes, in 1985.

Gottwald AK 130-48


Gottwald AK 210-73


Gottwald AMK 31-21


Gottwald AMK 51-32


Gottwald MK 150


Gottwald MK 1500

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