Link-Belt is an american manufacturer with an office in Lexington, Kentucky (US). The company was founded in 1874 by William Dana Ewart who had the idea to make transport belts easier (but better) to reduce downtime and avoid expensive repairs. Later was the idea on the transport belts also used in drive lines for machines. This resultet in the development of the first material handling machines for coal. The development and production of excavators and cranes continued over the years. In 1967 became Link-Belt part of the FMC group. In 1986 became also Sumitomo part of the FMC group, this resultet in the sale of Sumitomo products under the Link-Belt branding around the world. In 1998 the group reorganised, Link-Belt and Sumitomo left the FMC group and was focussing on the production of cranes. The production of excavators was shifted to Case. Today is Link-Belt producing telescopic cranes up to 250 tonnes and crawler cranes up to a 272 tonne lifting capacity.

Link-Belt HC-258

Asiagroup (SG)

Link-Belt LS-318

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