Krupp occurs out of Ardelt, an engineering company from the region of Berlin (DE) that becomes shortly after the company was founded in 1902 a producing company as well. Lateron were also the first cranes developed and built, in the beginning with steam drive. After the second world war the company moved to Wilhelmshaven (DE). In the fifties the company Krupp from Essen (DE) merged with Ardelt, the company name was changed to Krupp-Ardelt. This company was not only producing cranes, but also car shredders and lifts. Later on Krupp took over the company 100%, the name Ardelt dissapears, the production of cranes continues till 1995. In that year Grove takes over the crane production of Krupp, the location in Wilhelmshaven stays, here are today still crane produced. The biggest crane that was produced by Krupp was the 500 tonne Krupp GTM 500.

Krupp 25 GMT-AT

Implenia (CH)

Krupp KMK2020


Krupp KMK2025

Gru-Lux (LU)

Krupp KMK2035

Zettler (DE)

Krupp KMK3045

Gru-Lux (LU)

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