FAUN ATF 110G-5 - Winder Limmen

Winder Limmen from Alkmaar (NL) has (had) in total two of these FAUN ATF 110G-5 cranes. This is the newest with year of manufacture 2007. The first ATF 110G-5 is in the meantime replaced by a newer Tadano ATF 110G-5.

It is a 110 tonne crane on a 5 axle chassis. The undercarriage is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM502 LA, an 8 cylinder diesel engine with 517 hp. The same engine is in many Mercedes-Benz Actros trucks used as well.

The outrigger base measures 7.745 x 7.5 meters, or half 7.745 x 5 meters. The outrigger pads are in a frame, on the rear of the crane's chassis, lay down for the transport over the road.

The crane was used to lift the yacht "Misha" together with Koeman's Demag AC 100 into the water.

The superstructure is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 904 LA, a 4 cylinder diesel engine with 177 hp. The boom of the crane has a base length of 12.8 meters and extends four times to a 52 meter length. The boom can be extended by a 30.1 meter long folding jib, where of the crane can take 16.2 meters with it next to the boom.

The crane was used here with 20.8 tonnes of counterweight, this amount of counterweight can geometrically taken on the undercarriage. The complete counterweight weight 34.5 tonnes. The counterweight has a 4.1 meter tailswing.

Packed has the crane a 14.95 meter length, a 2.75 meter breadth and a 4 meter height. The transportweight with folding jib is about 60 tonnes.

On the rear is a box hanging with smaller lifting tools, on the rear are the outrigger pads laying. The rest of the counterweight is taken on a 3 axle trailer.

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