FAUN means Fahrzeugfabriken Ansbach Und Nürnberg, this company name was introduced in 1918 after two companies fuses. Various products were built, from trucks to construction machinery. Since 1969 was FAUN concentrating on the production of special vehicles like crane carriers, army vehicles and crashtenders. In 1986 was the company overtaken by Orenstein & Koppel. In 1990 Tadano takes over the company in Lauf an der Pegnitz (DE) and stops the production of heavy trucks and focus on the production of telescopic boom cranes. This company still exists, the name FAUN slowy disapears and from 2013 all the cranes are delivered under the name Tadano beacuse of it's worldwide reputation.
Website: www.tadanofaun.de

FAUN ATF-series

FAUN HK-series

FAUN RTF-series

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