Lifting a boat by Winder Limmen and Koeman Berkhout

Yacht "Misha" was taken out of the water in December 2014 after approx. 11 years of use for a large refit. About six months later the yacht was finished and could be driven to the nearby quay to be lifted into the water.

The first crane is being erected on the quay, it is a FAUN ATF 110G-5 of Winder Limmen from Alkmaar (NL), here spreading his outrigger pads.

The yacht is parked directly behind the crane. The "Misha" has a 19.7 meter length and a breadth of 6 meters.

There is the second crane, it is the Demag AC 100 of Koeman Berkhout from Berkhout (NL). The crane will be used with 32 tonnes of counterweight, that is why he has taken his 3 axle trailer.

The Demag is setting up, in the meantime the FAUN of Winder is preparing the lifting equipment. The yacht was lifted out of the water with two FAUN ATF 110G-5 of Winder.

The yacht will be slinged on now! The Demag has extended his boom 33.7 meters, the FAUN 26.4 meters.

Then the lifting operation can start, after the yacht is lifted from the supports, the last surfaces are painted. The yachts weights around 50 tonnes.

Slowly and carefully the yacht is slewed between the cranes trough.

And can then be lowered into the water.

The yacht is floating in the water again and can be used the next view years.

With thanks to Combi Jachtbouw, Koeman Berkhout and Winder Limmen!

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