Iveco Trakker 560 - Emil Egger

Emil Egger from St. Gallen (CH) is operating this imposing Iveco Trakker 560 with 8x6-drive line. The truck was purchased used and was previously used by Horath.

The truck is powered by an Iveco Cursor 13, a 12.9 liter diesel engine with 560 hp. The truck can be used up to train weights up to 275 tonnes. The truck has an 8x6-drive line which isn't an exception in Switzerland, because 25% of the total weight of the combination should be carried on driven axles.

Behind the front axle is the air filter installed. Behind the second axle a small storage compartment. The base of this truck was a standard 6x6 Iveco chassis that was modified by Astra to a 8x6 by installing a non-driven axle.

The truck can also be used with a ballast box to tow trailers. For trailers with gooseneck is a cardanic fifth wheel installed. The fifth wheel is here still blue painted; the colour of the previous owner.

The equipment tower behind the cabin is nice finished with a netting. At the bottom is the large diesel tank installed, with next to it a vertical storage compartment that is standing in front of the exhaust. Above the diesel tank are the hydraulic oil tank, compressed-air tanks and the battery made. On the left are the coolers for the engine and torque converter installed.

On this side is behind the front axle the AdBlue tank made, behind the second axle is a small storage compartment installed.

The bumper is reinforced and a register coupling is attached so that trailers can be pushed and braked also.

Attached is a 9-axle Goldhofer modular trailer. This combination has a deadweight of 49 tonnes already and can be loaded legally with 100 tonnes. Technically cargo up to 217 tonnes can be loaded.

This sharp combination was used to transport heavy pieces from the construction site to the 500 tonner.

A very sharp truck!

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