DAF XF 105.510 - Blansjaar

To transport the counterweights of the Grove GMK6400, Blansjaar from Wateringen (NL) bought this very sharp DAF XF 105.510.

It is a 4-axle truck with 510 hp. The truck has a mass of 12 tonnes, the load on the fifth wheel is max. 29 tonnes. 12 + 29 = 41 tonnes, the max. weight of a loaded 4 axle truck in The Netherlands.

At the rear of the cab are some storage boxes made. Between the first and second axle are the batery and two air barrels made.

As trailer is mainly a 6-axle Nooteboom flatbad used.

Loaded with a shack, 55 tonnes of counterweight, outrigger pads and some lifting tools.

The load is smart closed in a steel frame, which makes it not necessary to fix the load with chains or fasteners, to save time.

On it's way for the next job!

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