Grove GMK6400 - Blansjaar

Blansjaar from Wateringen (NL) is owning this Grove GMK6400 as their biggest crane. Here is the crane used on a construction site in Haarlem (NL) to lift balcony plates.

The Grove GMK6400 was introduced on the Bauma 2010 for the first time. Thanks to its small transport dimensions are strong load chart, the crane sells very well. The outrigger dimensions are 8.7 x 8.5 meters.

The max. main boom length is 60 meters, extendable with a 79 meter luffing jib or a 64 meter jib.

The balcony plates weight about 16 tonnes.

In the undercarriage is laying a Mercedes-Benz OM502LA, an 8-cylinder diesel engine with 551 hp. Herewith is also the upper structure driven.

The counterweight exists out of a 15 tonne base plate, two 10 tonne centre slabs and six 10 tonne slabs on the sides. In total 95 tonnes. The counterweight can be increased up to 135 tonnes by adding another four 10 tonne slabs.

To increase the crane's capacity is a MWL (MegaWingLift) available, a guy system. This system can in only one lift set on the undercarriage and is easily to connect with the boom.

Packed is it also an imposing crane. The crane is only 17.6 meters long, 3 meters wide and 4 meters height. The mass is only 72 tonnes.

The standard Grove upperstructure cab is also by the GMK6400 used. Only by the GMK7450 is the cab folding behind the upperstucture.

Ready to leave.

As ballast trucks is this sharp DAF 105XF 510 with 6-axle flatbed trailer used. Herewith are 55 tonnes of counterweight, outrigger pads, lifting tools and a small container transported.

A very beautiful crane!

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