DAF, means Van Doorne's AanhangwagenFabriek N.V. and was founded in 1932 by Hub van Doorne in Eindhoven (NL). This name was used since 1932 because in this year the production of trailers for trucks was started. In 1938 DAF started with the production of motorized vehicles. In 1948 the name was changed to Van Doorne's AutomobielFabriek N.V. because the production of trucks was getting more intensive. The production of cars started in 1958 and was sold to Volvo in 1975. In 1987 DAF fuses with the truck division of British Leyland. In 1993 DAF got bankrupt. The Leyland department was sold back. DAF started again in 1993 as DAF Trucks N.V. in a reduced form. DAF was in 1996 overtaken by PACCAR, PACCAR is one of the biggest truck manufacturers in the world and is also owner of Kenwort, Peterbild and British Leyland. After this take over, the future for DAF was save. In 1999 DAF produced truck number 500,000.
Website: www.daf.com

DAF CF-series

DAF Tropco-series

DAF XF-series

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