Terex AC 500-2 - Sarens

This Terex AC 500-2 of Sarens (Netherlands) was at that time the second in their fleet in the Netherlands. The crane is doing here one of hers first hoists.

The crane has fleet number 4001 and the biggest difference with the other machine is the safety system.

Used with 140 tonnes of counterweight.

This crane has on the upper cab the well known 'trafic light' that gives an indication of the load in the crane.

The crane was working together with the Terex AC 700 to hoist windmill parts.

Part 2

Terex AC 500-2 of Sarens taking preparations to put up in Middenmeer (NL).

It is the newest Terex AC 500-2 in the Dutch Sarens fleet.

After the wooden plates are lay down with assist crane Liebherr LTM 1070-4.1 the AC 500-2 could start with lay down his own outrigger pads.

The the 20 tonne base plate with adjustment winch for the luffing jib.

Then hoist self 20 tonnes of the trailer. The crane will be used with 60 tonnes only.

The the luffing jib was put up. The luffing jib boom foot is hoisted by the 1070. To reeve the hoist cable trough the A-frames the adjustment cable is pull forwards with the hoist cable.

Here is the adjustment winch connected to the rear A-frame.

First a 12 metre boom section.

The a 6 metre piece, taperad section and boom head.

Some days later the crane is working near the windmoll with 36 metres of luffing jib. The main boom is extended 51.8 meters.

Part 3

Some weeks before I saw the crane working along the highway A10 near the Coentunnel.

Old roads above the train rails are hoisted away. The road will be demolished and build new.

The crane was used with 160 tonnes of counterweight.

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