Terex AC 700 - Hiap Tong

The sharp Terex AC 700 of Hiap Tong from Singapore (SG) was assembled on a construction site to lift a pre-fabricated pedestrian bridge onto a trailer and to install the bridge later that night onto the bearings.

The 700-tonne crane is mounted on a 9-axle carrier that is powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM 502 LA, an 8-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 480 kW (653 hp).

The crane has an X-shapped outrigger base is 11.64 meters wide on the front and 12.36 meters wide at the rear. The length of the outrigger base measures 12.2 meters.

For this job was the crane fitted with 40 tonnes of counterweight, the maximum counterweight on the crane is 160 tonnes. The counterweight has a 7.5 meter tailswing.

In the meantime Hiap Tong sold the crane and it's not working in Singapore anymore.

During the transport over the road is the upper cabine slewed behind the superstructure.

The five-part main boom has a 15.5 meter base length and extends four times to a maxmium length of 60 meters. Here is the main boom extended to a length of 35.5 meters.

The truck combination to transport the bridge later that night has arrived; it is the MAN TGX 41.680 of Hup Hin with an 8-axle trailer.

Later that night was started with lifting of the bridge.

The bridge has a mass of approx. 40 tonnes. I couldn't withness the installation of the bridge later that night.

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