Poclain was founded in 1926 by Georges Bataille in Le Plessis-Belleville (FR). The first products are mainly trailers, towed by horses and later by motorized vehicles. In 1950 the first hydraulic excavator was built. The excavators were built on a truck chassis or were pulled as a trailer. A very popular excavator was the Poclain TY 45. A three wheeled excavator, over 30,000 units were built. In 1974 Case became partly owner of Poclain. In 1987 the company splitted; Case continues with the excavators and the Bataille family continues with the hydraulic components, in 2016 still active. In 1967 Potain and Poclain decided to co-operate under the brand PPM. The company produces cranes and reachstackers. In 1995 the PPM company was overtaken by Terex.

Poclain TY S

Strässler (CH)

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