Poclain TY S - Strässler

I could take some photos of this special Poclain TY S of Strässler from Eglisau (CH) on a small yard in Switzerland. The crane has year of manufacture 1970.

The Poclain TY S is actually an excavator. The machine could be fitted with a shovel, backhoe and a grab for a use as excavator. Optionally was is possible to put a small lattice boom with winch onto the base section of the excavator boom. It is a 2.8 tonne crane.

The outriggers are operated from the cab and are unfoldung hydraulically. A square of 3.13 x 3.13 meters is than made.

The crane is 5.76 meters long and 2.47 meters wide (with retrackted outriggers). Powered is the crane by a Deutz engine with 62 hp. On the road a speed of 20 km/h can be achieved.

The crane weights about 12.5 tonnes. The tailswing of the counterweight is 2.28 meters.

Here is the crane fitted with the longest jib. In the bottom section is the hydraulic winch with 50 meters hoist cable (line pull 1.4 tonnes) fitted. The three# intermediate sections are each 2.14 meters long and have a mass of only 61 kg each.

Over the longest boom the crane is able to lift 2 tonnes. By max. outreach of about 12.5 meters the capacity is 950 kgs.

It was possible to extend the boom with an about 3 meter long jib. The max. lifting height is then about 13 meters and the max. capacity is then 1,150 kgs. A very rare crane!

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