Liebherr LR 1750 - Sarens

This Liebherr LR 1750 of Sarens was used to erect a prototype of a XEMC Darwind XC115 near Wieringerwerf (NL).

The parts of this windmill are already hoisted by Sarens using the Terex AC 700 and Terex AC 500-2 in the harbour nearby. The LR 1750 is put up in a special configuration, as pedestal crane.

Some preparations are done to hoist the rotor. The rotor diameter is 115 metres, it is a 5 MW windmill and is one of the biggest mills in the Netherlands.

Reefed at 12 wires, good for 176 tonnes of hoisting capacity when the boom length is not too long.

The 97 tonne rotor is hoisted here. The assist crane is a Liebherr LR 1160.

The choice to put the LR up with outriggers has to do with the lifting capacity of the crane, the crane is much stronger than with crawler tracks because the crane is with outriggers much wider than with tracks.

The main boom of the LR 1750 is 119 metres long, the derrick boom is 31.5 metres long.

The outriggers are making a 12.6 x 12.6 metre square or a 16 x 10.5 metre rectangle. Here the outriggers are in square.

This crane has the yellow colors because its shared with German company Franz Bracht. On one side is written Sarens, at the other side Franz Bracht. This crane is also mentioned as the "SarBra-crane". Meanwhile this crane is 100% Sarens, or sold.

On the superlift frame is lay down a bit of counterweight, about 32 tonnes.

The counterweight on the crane is 220 tonnes.

The outriggers are transported in two pieces and weight 29 tonnes each. The outriggers are also usable with crawler tracks and are then attached on the outside of the tracks. The outrigger dimensions then are 13 x 13 metres in square or 16 x 12.02 in rectangle. Liebherr says that with the outriggers 370% heigher lifting capacities are reached compared with the normal LR 1750 crawler crane.

Meanwhile the rotor is mounted to the mill.

A special wind turbine that is erected with a very special and sharp crane!

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