Terex AC 700 - Sarens

One of the first jobs for the new Terex AC 700 of Sarens. The crane was added to the fleet around september 2011 and replaces the older one, now working in Mexico.

A view between the legs of this young lady. The outrigger dimensions are 12.2 x 12.4 metres.

Fitted with the max. counterweight of 160 tonnes. A difference with the former AC 700 are the blue counterweight base plate and boom guying, the former were yellow. Also new is the 'traffic sign' in front of the cab.

Some new highway overpass beams were lifted for the A4, near to Schiphol Airport.

These concrete beams weight about 65 tonnes.

For this job it was necessary to use the SSL boom guying.

The boom is extended 50.5 metres. In this configuration the beams can be lifted up to a small 28 metre radius.

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