Grove was founded in 1947 and has factories in Pennsylvania (USA) and Wilhelmshaven (DE). The original Grove comes from the USA and was founded by the brothers Dwight and John L. Grove and friend Wayne A. Niccary. Their first products are trailers for farmers. To hoist internal steel in the factory a small crane was deloveped, which became interest from the customers. In 1967 the company had over 1,000 employees, and in the same year the company was sold to the Walter Kidde Company. John L. Grove startet together with Paul Shockey a company for personal lifts. This company still exists under name JLG (John L. Grove). In 1995 Grove bought the crane devision of Krupp and had then a company in Wilhelmshaven. Since 2002 Grove belongs to the Manitowoc-Group.




Industrial cranes


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