XCMG Hanvan G7 430 - Yinson

The Yinson company from Johor Bahru (MY) deploys multiple XCMG Hanvan G7 430 trucks that sometimes deliver cargos to Singapore (SG) or collects. Here was a bridge segment with a 42 tonne mass delivered to the construction site. The lifting works would be done by the Kobelco SL6000 of Bok Seng.

The combination exists out of a 3-axle truck with a 4-axle low loader.

The truck is this XCMG Hanvan G7 with 6x4-drive line. Both rear axles are powered by a WP 12.430, a 6-cylinder in-line diesel engine with 430 hp. Only the front axle is steerable.

Behind the front axle are the muffler, compressed-air tanks and the battery installed.

Attached is a 4-axle MPSI trailer. The trailer has a maximum loaded weight in Malaysia of 51 tonnes and has a selfweight of approx. 18 tonnes. All axles are riged.

A sharp and interesting combination of Yinson!

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