Transport of reactors by Bok Seng

At the end of 2020 was Bok Seng from Singapore doing multiple heavy transports between the port and a new refinery. The three largest reactors are transported by SPMT over the public road. The largest transport was carried out on November 20, here stood the first transport in front of the gate to the port. It is around 8 PM.

The oversized transport is escorted by the Auxiliary Police, because of the huge dimensions and weights are complete sections of the road temporary closed. The direct route to the construction site is only 2.6 km, but because of sensive piping below the road are the axle loadings limited and the transport must take a large detour with a length of approx. 8.2 km.

After a long stretch of approx. 1.2 km forwards needs the transport switch the lane and continue driving against the normal traffic flow.

This hydrotreating reactor is 49.16 meters long, 7.27 meters wide and 7.16 meters high. The transport mass is including the transprort frames 695.27 tonnes. The reactor was transported by water from South-Korea to Singapore. It is one of the heaviest transports driven on public roads in Singapore.

The first junction is reached, the transport will need to turn left (on the photo to the right).

The transport is driving forwards on the junction because the turn can't be taken directly. This photo is made from the direction where the transport will need to continue.

Bok Seng is using here in total 52 Scheuerle SPMT axles which are configured in a double 26-liner. The theoretical loadings capacity of the transporter is 2,080 tonnes.

After the transport has crossed the junction, is it reversed into the other lane. Now the transport can make a strong right turn into the large road to continue driving in reverse direction.

Taking the first corner took approx. 10 minutes. Now the transport can continue to drive 'reverse' until the next junction, this is a long straight road with a length of 2.9 km without any obstacles.

The axles of the SPMT are 700 mm in height adjustable, with unevenness in the road is the difference in height automatically compensated.

A short brake to give both Scheuerle Z350 DA power packs with a power of 350 kW some rest. The transport has driven now 4.3 km in approx. 2 hours.

At the next junction the transport should take a left turn (on the photo to the right), what is again not dirrectly possible. First the transport will take a strong right turn.

Earlier that evening are multiple objects like poles and traffic signs removed, but still the turns must be taken very carefully to avoid any damage on other roadside objects.

The transport has taken the right turn and will now continue to drive 'forward' against the normal traffic direction. In the meantime has the Auxiliary Police blocked the road for other traffic so the transport can continue to drive all the times.

Here is the transport reaching the next junction against the usuall traffic flow. In the meantime has the transport driven approx. 6 km.

At first the junction is crossed...

... to continue with a strong turn to the right.

At the next junction the transport need to switch the lane again, the transport is approaching through the 'right side' and is switching here the lane to coninue into the normal traffic direction. The transport should actually turn into the road on the right side, what geometrically isn't possible.

Then the transport is reversing diagonally over the traffic island. Herefore is a temporary ramp made from wood and steel used.

The transport is continueing against the direction of the traffic, the construction site is almost reached, the site is (on the photo not vissible) on the left side.

The last turn to the right is directly the entrance of the construction site.

The construction site is reached! The transport has driven totally 8.2 km and was approx. 3.5 hours on the move.

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