Scania R 420 - Hup Hin

This Scania R 420 of Hup Hin from Singapore (SG) was used with a 2-axle low loader to transport two parts of a tunnel boring machine.

The truck is this Scania R 420 with 6x4-drive line. The truck is powered by a Scania DC13, a 12.7-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 313 kW (420 hp).

Behind the front axle are the battery, compressed-air tanks and a small storage compartment mounted. Behind the cabin is a large protection frame installed.

The truck is fitted with trailer couplings on the front- and rear sides, the truck can also be fitted with a ballast box and tow trailers. Hup Hin is mainly deploying Cometto axles.

Attached in this case is a 2-axle Yeo low loader. The trailer has a maximum laden weight of 75 tonnes and has an unladen weight of 15 tonnes. The pay load is approx. 60 tonnes.

The cargo are two parts for a tunnel boring machine with a mass of approx. 20 tonnes each.

Earlier that day was the truck with a different trailer and cargo parked in front of the other Scania R 420 of Hup Hin parked. A sharp combination of Hup Hin!

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