Scania R 420 - Hup Hin

This tough Scania R 420 of Hup Hin from Singapore was used with a 7-axle trailer to transport a part of a tunnel boring machine.

The truck is this Scania R 420 with 6x4-drive line. The two rear axles are powered by a Scania DC13, a 12.7-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with 420 hp.

Behind the front axle are the muffler and the diesel tank installed.

This truck is used to tow trailers by the fifth wheel or with a towed trailer like here.

On this side are the compressed-air tanks and somes storage compartments installed. The AdBlue tank can be reached thourgh the steps on the passenger side. A coupling is attached to the reinforced bumper and can be used to manouvre trailers.

To take care of enough pressure on the rear axles is a ballast box installed above the fifth wheel. The box has a mass of 2 tonnes and is filled with two 5 tonnes slabs and four 1.5 tonnes slabs, in total 18 tonnes.

A 7-axle Cometto modular trailer is attached, existing out of a 4-axle and 3-axle module.

The cargo is the head of an used tunnel boring machine with a mass of 84 tonnes.

Manoeuvring to the storage yard, where the tunnel boring machine will be unloaded and stored.

A second time I found the Scania R 420 of Hup Hin it was used for the transport of cooling towers.

The ballast box is loaded with 13 tonnes of counterweight, the box has a mass itself of 2 tonnes.

Here are two coolings towers loaded on a 10-axle Cometto platform trailer.

A second R 420 stood parked behind the combination, but wasn't attached to the trailer.

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