Renault was founded in 1898 in Billancourt (FR) by Louis Renault as a manufacturer of cars. The current Renault is manufacturer of cars, trucks, vans, tracktors and engines for aircrafts. In 1955 the truck manufacturers Renault, Somua and Latil were fused to Saviem. In 1975 Renault took over the french manufacturer Berliet and fuses Berliet with Saviem in 1978 to Renault Vehicules Industriels (RVI). In 1983 RVI took over the european division of Dodge and two years later the famous manufacturer Mack. In 2001 are Renault (and Mach) sold for 20% to Volvo. Since 2012 is Renault Trucks 100% part of Volvo.

Renault Kerax 460

Eberle (CH)

Renault Magnum 480

Barelds Transport (NL)

Renault Premium 460

Renault T 460

Remco Nolthenius Transport (NL)

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