Iveco Stralis 560 - Mayer

The Mayer company from Burgberg (DE) is specialized in crane rental and heavy haulage. To transport the first counterweights of there biggest crane; a Tadano ATF 400G-6 is this tough Iveco Stralis 560 used. The combination stood here, unfortunately without crane, parked along the road.

It is a 3 axle truck with two driven rear axles. The motor has 560 hp. Between the first two axles are on this side the Adblue tank, the battery, the mufler and two airbarrels made.

Behind the cab are a storage compartment and a hydraulicoil tank made.

The trailer is a very short 3 axle, modified tipper trailer. With the trailer are some lifting tools, counterweights and outrigger pads of the crane taken. The very short trailer is probably a very good choice in the Alp region where Mayer is working a lot.

The first 25 tonnes, existing ouf of three plates with 7.5, 9 and 8.5 tonnes, are taken on the trailer. The full counterweight of the ATF 400G-6 weights 138 tonnes. Mayer's crane was the first supplied unit world-wide of this type.

A very nice combination. The truck is also used with other trailers, like low loaders.

Part 2

The second time I saw the nice Iveco Stralis 560 of Mayer from Burgberg (DE) it was loaded with an oversized tank. The combination was parked directly along the highway A96 near to Aitrach (DE).

The truck is powered by an Iveco Cursor 13 diesel engine with a 12.9 liter stroke that supplies here 560 hp. In the meantime the Iveco has left Mayer's fleet.

On this side are the diesel tank and a large storage box made.

Attached is a 2 axle Scheuerle low loader. The load is an oversized tank.

A very sharp combination, waiting here to continue it's trip during the night.

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