Iveco Stralis 560 - Jan Jongsma

Jan Jongsma from Steenwijk (NL) was using for a long time two sharp Iveco Stralis 560 for the transport over oversized cargos, a niche where Jan Jongsma is spezialized in. In the meantime is this Stralis replaced by a Scania R 580.

The 4-axle truck is powered by a 12.9-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 412 kW (560 hp). The truck is 6.8 meters long and 2.55 meters wide.

The truck has a very short wheel base, only some space was left for the air filter behind the front axle.

Behind the cabin are the compressed-air tanks, the diesel tank, storage compartments and the battery installed.

Attached is a 3-axle Broshuis 3ABD-48 low loader. The girder bed is by extending and intermediate sections 13.3 meters extendable. The loading capacity is approx. 30.9 tonnes.

The second 4-axle Stralis 560 is recognizable by the black bull bar. This truck is still in use by Jan Jongsma.

Both trucks were standing along the Autobahn 96 near Aichstetten (NL) and would collect two oversized tanks after the weekend.

The trucks are nearly identical. On the passenger side is behind the front axle the AdBlue tank installed.

This truck is attached to a Broshuis 2ABD-38 low loader. Also this low loader is 13.3 meters extendable. The loading capacity is around 26.8 tonnes.

Very sharp and special trucks! In total were in the Netherlands only four 4-axle Iveco Stralis trucks in use.

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