Iveco EcoStralis 460 - A.R.P.A.

This Iveco EcoStralis 460 of A.R.P.A. from Sarmato (IT) stood parked on a parking along the highway A96 near Aichstetten (DE).

The Iveco EcoStralis engine are optimized to reduce fuel consuption and CO2 emissions. The truck is powered by a Cursor 20 engine that supplies here 460 hp, the strongest execution of this engine.

It is a truck with a 6x2 drive line, only the rear axle is driven, the pusher axle is liftable. Behind the front axle are the diesel- and AdBlue tank mounted. At the other side is there the large muffler made.

Attached is a 2 axle Faymonville low loader.

A sharp combination!

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