DAF XF 105.460 - Zwatra

A small convoi existing out of three DAF XF 105.460 trucks of Zwatra from Delft (NL) stood parked along the german Autobahn 31.

Attached to each truck is a 3-axle low loader with an empty cable drum as cargo.

The trucks are powered by a 6-cylinder line engine with 460 hp. The trucks have all a 6x2-drive line, only the rear axle is driven.

Behind the front axle are the muffler, battery and the AdBlue tank installed. On the passenger side is the dieseltank installed. Behind the cabin are multiple storage compartments made.

Attached are 3-axle Nooteboom low loaders from various types. Left is a Nooteboom Euro-42-03, in the center a Nooteboom Euro-48-03S and left a Nooteboom Euro-54-03 attached.

The low loaders have loading capacities of 37.8, 31.3 and 38 tonnes.

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