DAF CF 85.510 - Van 't Hek

For the transport of large crawler cranes and piling rigs is Van 't Hek from Beemster (NL) using this sharp combination. The combination exists out of a 5 axle truck that is combined with a 7 axle low loader.

The truck is a DAF CF 85.510 with 10x4 drive line. This truck is not like this supplied by DAF. The standard 8x4 truck was modified by Estepe from Heesch (NL) to 10x4 by adding a 10 tonne not-driven pusher axle as a 3th axle. This axle is also liftable.

The truck is powered by a DAF 12.9 liter 6 cylinder line engine with 510 hp. The truck's year of manufacture is 2009.

Also the cabin was modified by Estepe, the cabin was shortened by 20 centimeters for overpassing booms and leaders over the cabin. Also was a large diesel tank was made behind the cabin.

Between the truck and low loader is a 2 axle Nooteboom jeep dolly mounted.

The Nooteboom low loader with 10 pendel axes has a pay load of 71 tonnes.

The load is a Hitachi KH300-3 crawler crane from Van 't Hek. The crawler crane is 3.5 meters wide and high and weights about 71 tonnes.

A very sharp combination that is used by the transport of Van 't Hek's largest machinery.

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