DAF XF 510 - Tiroltrans

This sharp DAF XF 510 of Tiroltrans from Bolzano (IT) stood parked with a 10-axle semi low loader along the German motor way A61. The truck is leased from the DAF branch in Salzburg (AT), which explains why the truck has an Austrian licence plate.

The truck has a 8x4-drive line with two driven rear axles. The truck is powered by a Paccar MX-13 that supplies here 375 kW (510 hp); the strongest engine that is possible.

Behind the cabin are the large diesel tank, compressed-air tanks and the battery installed. Behind the front axle is the muffler installed.

On the other side is a large storage compartment behind the front axle installed.

Attached is a 10-axle Bertoja SR 165/10 ASP SC semi low loader with hydraulic gooseneck. The trailer is 7 meters extendable and can be used for cargos up to 135 tonnes. The cargo is a transport frame of Siemens, probably to transport a heavy shaft.

A very sharp combination by Tiroltrans!

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