DAF XF 460 - Tiroltrans

This sharp DAF XF 460 of Tiroltrans from Bolzano (IT) stood parked during a weekend along the A96 near Aichstetten (DE).

It is a DAF XF from the last generation that was introduced in 2012 and is delivered since 2013. The truck is powered by a Paccar MX-13, a 12.9 liter 6 cylinder diesel engine, that supplies here 460 hp.

Behind the front axle is the large Euro 6 muffler mounted, at the other side is the large diesel tank made.

Attached is a 2 axle Faymonville MegaMAX low loader.

The Komatsu PS 240 NLC weight around 25 tonnes.

A sharp truck of Tiroltrans!

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