DAF XF 105.510 - Ter Linden

This nice DAF XF 105.510 of Ter Linden was parked along the german Autobahn and was waiting until he could continue his way.

The load is an oversized windmill tower with destination France.

The truck is a 4-axle tracktor with 1+3 axle arrangement. The truck has 510 hp.

Behind the cab is a big fuel tank made. Also are a lot of storage boxes for tools made behind the cab.

To the gooseneck is a 2 axle dolly coupled. The tower section is with an adaptor attached to the dolly. To extend the dolly in height, it is possible to load and unload the load without assistance of a crane.

The rear exists out of a 3-axle wheel section of Nooteboom Scheurle.

The tower section is the connection between the two wheel sections.

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