DAF XF 105.510 - Staas

The Staas company from Achim (DE) with a DAF XF 105.510 with 6 axle low loader parked along the A61 near to Niederzissen (DE).

The truck is powered by a 12.9 liter 6 cylinder line engine, the engine supplies here 510 hp.

Pulled is a low loader with 2-bed-4 configuration with a large CAT 775G as cargo.

Behind the front axle are the muffler, AdBlue tank, battery and an airbarrel made. On the other side is here a large storage compartment made.

Behind the cabin is a large compartment made with inside the large dieseltank and some storage compartments.

The CAT 775G is for BAG (Basalt-Actien-Gesellschaft), weights 47.2 tonnes and is 10 meters long, 4.41 meters wide and 4.1 meters height.

Attached is a Scheuerle low loader.

A very sharp combination!

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