DAF CF 440 - Oudeman Transport

In October 2016 took Oudeman Transport from Heerhugowaard (NL) this sharp DAF CF 440 in operation, on these photos is the truck just one week old. The truck is here attached to a 1-axle flat bed trailer.

It is a DAF CF 440 with 6x2-drive line with a steerable rear axle. The truck is powered by a 10.7 liter PACCAR MX-11 engine with 435 hp.

The installation of the lorry crane and the constructive adjustments were done by Vlarotech from Benningbroek (NL). Behind the front axle are the diesel tank and a storage compartment made. The AdBlue tank is behind the cab spoiler, next to the ladder, positioned.

Behind the cabin is the HMF 6020-O K6 with FJ1200-K6 jib installed. The lorry crane lifts maximum 11.5 tonnes on a 4.6 meter radius and 2.64 tonnes on a 16.9 meter radius. With the jib is a maximum radius of 34 meters reached, the crane can lift there 270 kilograms.

A detail of the rear outriggers. The truck can also be used with a box and tower trailer.

Attached is a 1-axle Pacton trailer with a loading capacity of 15.5 tonnes.

On this side are the muffler and a storage compartment behind the front axle installed.

A very sharp and practical truck for Oudeman Transport!

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