DAF XF 105.510 - Van Marwijk

This DAF XF 105.510 of Van Marwijk from Zoeterwoude (NL) is used to transport the first counterweights and outrigger pads of the Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1. Van Marwijk has more of these trucks in use.

Mainly is driven with this 6 axle flatbad trailer or with a 6 axle extendable flatbed trailer, the crane's boom is transported with the last mentioned trailer.

The trucks were supplied in 2009. The truck is powered by a 12.9 liter 6 cylinder engine, the engine supplies 510 hp.

The two rear axles are driven. The truck itself weights around 12.6 tonnes and it's maximum weight with load on the fifth wheel is 41 tonnes.

Behind the cabin is a large storage compartment made. The diesel tank is put between the two front axles.

On the other side are between the first two axles the muffler, the battery and the AdBlue tank made.

On the trailer are laying the 4 large outrigger pads, 52 tonnes of counterweight, diesel tank and some smaller parts belonging to the crane.

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