DAF XF 105.460 - Lubbers

Lubbers from Schoonebeek (NL) is operating a large truck fleet from several branches spread over Europe. A part of the trucks were overtaken from Wagenborg, like this DAF XF 105.460, that stood parked here along the German Autobahn 96 close to Aichstetten (DE).

The truck is powered by a 6-cylinder line engine with 460 hp. The truck has a 6x2-drive line, only the rear axle is driven. Behind the front axle are the muffler, AdBlue tank and the battery installed.

Attached is a Nooteboom OSDS-48-03V, a 3-axle semi low loader that is 6.3 meters extedable. The trailer has a maximum pay load of 38.3 tonnes.

On this side is behind the front axle the diesel tank installed.

Behind the cabin are multiple storage compartments made.

The cargo is a Merlo Roto 40.25 rotating telehandler with a transport length of approx. 7 meters and a transport mass of 15.4 tonnes.

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