DAF XF 105.510 - Löwenthal

This sharp DAF XF 105.510 of Löwenthal from Delmenhorst (DE) was with the undercarriage of a ride on the move and stood parked here along the German motorway 6 near Nuremburg (DE).

The 3-axle truck with 6x4-drive line is powered by a DAF 6-cylinder 12.9-liter diesel engine with a power of 375 kW (510 hp).

Behind the front axle are the muffler, battery, AdBlue tank and some compressed-air tanks installed.

On this side is the diesel tank installed behind the front axle.

The 5-axle trailer was produced by Gsodam from Teufenbach (AT) and is carrying the undercarriage of a fair ride. The trailer has a mass of 51.7 tonnes.

This trailer will be connected to another 5-axle trailer and is then shaping the base for a tall viewing tower. The tower section can be moved by use of hydraulics into a vertical position and will then be extended.

A very sharp combination by Löwenthal!

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