DAF XF 105.510 - Hanyš

A DAF XF 105.510 of Hanyš from Radonice (CZ) with a 4 axle Goldhofer lowloader parked along the German Autobahn.

The XF 105 is an update of the well-known XF 95, who became a fresh look and a new engine to meet the Euro 5 standards. Powered is the truck by a 12.9 liter 6 cylinder dieselengine with 510 hp, the maximum available by DAF.

It is a 4 axle truck with an 1+3 axle arrangement. Between the first two axles and behind the cab are diesel tanks built. Next to the tank behind the cabin are in total 4 airbarrels made.

The 4 axle Goldhofer STZ-VL 4-42/80 A is 2.55 meters wide and has a bed that is extendable from 7.5 tot 16 meters. The lowloader has a capacity of 45 tonnes.

Hanyš has a big fleet with cranes up to 750 tonnes and trucks able to transport loads up to 80 tonnes.

A very nice combination!

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