DAF Tropco 400 kN - Royal Dutch Army

The Royal Dutch Army owns for the transport of their material some lowloaders. In total it is about 112 tracktors that are build since 2005. There are two different tracktors, a 400 kN and a 650 kN version. In this report we will take a look at the 400 kN version. These photos are taken with permission of the Royal Dutch Army.

The tracktor has a standard DAF 95XF as base machine because of spare parts. The engine is totally different, the tracktor has a DAF XM375 diesel engine with 480 hp (650 kN version has 530 hp) combined with a TC-Tronic transmission.

The tracktors both have a 6x6 drive line and are usable on rough terrain. Because of that the rear axles are equipped with leaf springs. The cab is armored and gives protection for hand guns, granate- and mine shards.

Remarkable is the big wheel base because of the other transmission. The tracktor is 7.94 metres long, 2.5 metres wide and 3.87 metres height. The bed are taken out of the sleeping cabe and replaced by two extra seats. The Tropco crew exists out of 4 persons.

Behind the cab are two 24.5 tonne winches mounted to salvage crashed vehicles.

The 400 kN versions are used with a 4 axle Broshuis semi lowloader. The load capacity is 40 tonnes.

Behind the cab is also the spare wheel.

Two of the four axles are lifted. The length of the combination is about 20 metres.

The 650 kN tracktors have 530 hp and are combined with a 7 axle Broshuis semi lowloader. The loading capacity of these combinations is 65 tonnes.

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