Weserhütte SW 311

This anonymous Weserhütte SW 311 stood just like a SW 191 in a gravel pit in the area of Krumbach (DE) to dig out sand with a high amount of gravel in it.

As a lifting crane is the SW 311 able to lift maximum 106 tonnes on a 4.54 meter radius.

The undercarriage of the heavy duty crane is 6.17 meters long and 4.9 meters wide. For the transport over the road is it possible to reduce the width to 3.9 meters. The counterweight weights 10.4 tonnes and has a 5.065 meter tailswing.

The crane is powered by a Caterpillar 3406 DI-T, a 6-cylinder diesel engine with a power of 242 kW. The engine powers in total four hydraulic pumps to move the crane functions. Usually do heavy duty cranes have larger engines and multiple hydraulic pumps because they are classified to do heavy works over a longer time.

Here was the Weserhütte used with a 5.5 cu.yd. (4.2 cubic meter) bucket.

The crane is fitted with two 24-tonne hoist winches with a 32 mm hoist cable.

Here was the crane fitted with a 23 meter main boom, existing out of a butt section (5 meters), an intermediate section (9 meters) and a top section (9 meters). The maximum length of the main boom is 56 meters.

A very sharp Weserhütte!

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